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Custom Fabricated Grain and Feed Parts and Equipment

Designed for Your Unique Facility

Custom Fabricated Grain and Feed Parts and Equipment Can prefabricated, off-the-shelf parts work for your unique grain handling needs? Maybe, but chances are, they won’t work as well as ones built for your specific operation. And finding ways to make them work may not be worth the time, aggravation, and money you’ll have to invest.

Custom-fabricated parts – tailored to your needs – are an investment in the success of your business. We work with the strongest materials on the market, so everything we build is designed for maximum durability.


Examples of Custom Fabricated PartsOpen Y Valve

  • Lined spouts
  • Transitions
  • Deadboxes
  • Electric valves and gates
  • Conveyor and bucket elevator components
  • Access/safety platforms and catwalks
  • Support structures
  • Caged ladders/stairs
  • And much more...